‘she Multifaceted Woman

‘she Multifaceted Woman

The Straits Finery has released a new collection inspired by feminist icon, Rosie The Riveter

‘ the decades, women
1, have shown great strength and courage in meeting everyday challenges, and
much like today’s multi-hyphenated women who accomplish everything they do with decisive
confidence, the movement of female empowerment is becoming
increasingly loud and apparent.
Yahya and Foo Chia Chern of fine jewellery label The Straits Finery
observed the many versatile and independent minds that are written all over history, and felt it was important to recognise these women for their achievements.
Surely no woman is a certain kind: she is a daughter to her mother, a wife to her husband, a mother to her child. and a
sister to her siblings, while at the same time juggling her many vocations, thus she
is many
things. She has passions, she has interests. she has success, but also
Undeniably, a woman has so much to do, that the pieces of jewellery she wears need to fir into her lifestyle.
Celebrating Woman at her

best, The Straits Finery
released a new
named after, and inspired by, the cultural icon of World War II, Rosie The Riveter.
She was the
start of a patriotic
campaign, or rather a of motivational propaganda aimed at encouraging
women to make tangible contributions in factories while the menfolk were fighting in the trenches.
Rosie became a symbol of feminism in contemporary culture, and
inspired several
social movements
for women. She represents the realisation that
women can do, and be, anything.
The theme is reflected in the new collection by taking influence from the Art Deco era, essentially a pastiche of various styles, but sharing
the desire to be modern.
Its principles are all about streamlining forms following function, with decadent jewellery pieces made of 14-karat solid gold and sterling silver spanning across three distinctive chapters.

CI I ‘C:11’
1.Box ring.
2.Frame earrings.
3.Frame ring.
4.Quad ring.
5.Frame bracelet.
Each piece explores the theme of courage, feminity and tenacity within a woman that makes her the person she is.
The designs in each chapter allow the wearer to combine the
individual pieces in order to craft her own story.
Featuring minimalist yet elegant designs coupled with impeccable craftsmanship, the first chapter of the Rosie The Riveter collection may look simple, but speaks volumes.
Style is expressed in bold geometric forms of Cubism,
or rather Art Moderne, and in the more linear designs with hard edges. This can be seen in pieces such as the Box ring, which is crafted with a masculine undertone to encourage a woman to discover a tougher side of
Chapter two encourages
women to find strength in femininity, and recognises that

vulnerability is just a part of human nature. The diamond shape is prevalent in the designs of this chapter, showing a feminine visage in contrast with chapter one’s strong edges.
The final chapter of the collection concludes the characterisation of a woman’s mettle, depicting how confidence

and self-assurance are the main driving force behind every R oman’s accomplishments_
Starting with the first chap ter, the Rosie The Riveter collection
will progressively be made available online at The Straits finery website, and in-store
at Snaeldood, Bangsar, , Yalala
Lumpur from Iuly 3o onwards_

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