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Posted April 26th, 2019 in

Eyelash Extension Training: The New Trend To Go With!

Ever wondered why celebrity’s eyes look so lovely with or without make up? Well that is due to the eyelash extensions used in their eyes. Eyelash extensions give you advantage over normal and plain eyes by allowing your eyes to look extra ordinarily beautiful. Longer and fuller the eyelashes, more is the beauty of your eyes ...

Natural Beauty Remedies – Easy To Follow

Time and again, skin experts and beauty counselors have stressed on the fact that a good skin can be developed in natural ways. However, unfortunately only few people realize this. The reason behind this claim is that most of the products that we find in the market these days, are made from chemical substances, which ...

Small Wineries Find Creative Ways to Thrive

A real-life David and Goliath battle is brewing in California wine country, as smaller wineries fight to compete against behemoth wine companies–corporations and private equity funds that are changing the face of the West Coast’s wine industry forever with a frenzy of acquisitions. “2016 will be remembered as one of the busiest years in M&A history ...