Ode to COLGUit

Ode to COLGUit

Ail ER exploring Russia with Promenades Irnperiales and Japan with Chant du Printernps, the French jeweller prevents a third and fral stop on its Les Mondes de Cnaumet high jewelry tour with Tresors d’Afrique.
This latest chapter heads to sub-Saharan Africa, soaking up its multiple inspirations, from arts and crafts to femininity, sovereignty, symbols and nature – all of which gives’rise’ to a colourful high-jewel-lery collection.
The new jewellery offering, inspired by sub-Saharan Africa, comes in five distinct parts. The first, called Ponde de Pierces, is inspired by the beaded necklaces

worn by the Dinka people of Sudan and the Maasai people. These are evoked with beads of red spinel, emerald, sapphire and mandarin garnet, contrasting with black spinel on black rhodium-plated gold and diamonds.
The Cascades Royales line is inspired by the necklaces and head-pieces worn by Rwandan queens and Kenya’s Samburu brides, and features Muzo emeralds, sculpted onyx and navette diamonds; the pat-terns of Kente cloth from Ghana and Kasai velvet are channeled in the Terres d’Or line, with pigeon-blood rubies and yellow sapphires.
African arts and crafts are cele-brated in the “Talismania” line,

made from ebony, hardstones, onyx and gemstones. Finally, the Espiegleries line sees Chaumet join forces with the Kenyan artist, Evans Mbugua, who designed six animal brooches – an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a monkey, a giraffe and pink flamingoes.
One of the most spectacular piec-es in this latest Chaumet collection is a convertible necklace in white gold and yellow gold, set with a 7.15-carat emerald-cut emerald from Muzo, Colombia, as well as nine navette diamonds (0.45-0.80 carats), onyx and brilliant-cut diamonds. Tresors d’Afrique also includes four watches, including two Tourbillon models. – AFP Relaxnews

Yellow gold bracelet, set with a 7-carat ‘pain de sucrer blue chal-cedony, ebony, zoisite, and round pink sapphires.

Ring in yellow gold set with a tiger’s eye gemstone.


Ring in white gold, set with two pear-shaped D VVS1 diamonds of 1,09 and 1.06 carats, and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Ring in white gold and yellow gold, set with a 5,61-carat cushion-cut yellow Ceylon sap-phire, two troidia-cut sapphires of 1.30 car-ats eachrand brilliant-cut diamonds.

Ring in white gold and yellow gold, set with a 12.36-carat oval yellow Ceylon sapphire, round yellow sapphires, lacquer and brilliant-cut diamonds.

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